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Celebration - Quilt Along 2020

This is our third "Quilt-Along" and we are so very excited to introduce "Celebrstion" with partnership of the Benton county Enterprise (BCE). The 3rd week of each month BCE will publish a block in the newspaper with cutting and assembly instruction. We will provide more detail with pictures for assembly process here to help assist you. If you are not already a BCE subscriber you can subscribe at the link below to not only receive the block information but also learn about all the "happenings" in Benton County, Missouri.  You can subscribe annually or you may also print just that day's paper for just $2 to get the block pattern for that month. We will list the dates on our website here.
Link for Benton County Enterprise below:
This quilt has 4 basic colors with a background light neutral color. We are showing a more traditional color pallet however, would be beautiful in brights, or even a nice scrappy look within colorways (ex. several light neutrals for background, several pinks, several purples... etc.  The quilt is a nice size of 99" x 99".  You can make it smaller be eliminating the border or larger with a little larger border.  You may also join our FACEBOOK Group for added fun. See what others are doing and provide us your show and tell as you build out your quilt for a chance to win a monthly drawing.  Come Play with us by joining the BCE Sew Along Group BCE Sew Along 2020.  Ask to join today.
Celebration Sew Along

Quilt Along Instruction:    

 This is for assembly only - pattern with fabric requirements and cutting instruction is provided by the Benton County Enterprise.

Block 1:  February 20, 2020 

My actual fabrics used were different than pictured in the pattern. This is where a Fabric Key is essential to ensure that fabrics #1 - #4 maintain the overall quilt pattern layout. 
Tip:  Create a Color Key to ensure placements of your fabrics #1 - #4. 
Tip:  Pattern is written for Block Construction 1 at a time, however fabric requirements are for the entire quilt. When Cutting WOF - you may not use the whole piece in the block construction. Hold all extra fabric pieces until entire project is complete.

Cut out pieces as indicated in the Benton County Enterprise Paper.

HST Unit:  Draw a line diagonally on each Background Fabric Square. Place (1) Background

Fabric square and (1) #2 Fabric  square right sides together (RST).  Sew 1/4” on each side of drawn line. Cut on drawn line and press to the #2
Fabric triangle to make HST Unit.

Make 4 HST Units per block.            Note:  Trim dog-ears. This will make it easier to piece when using a 1/4" sewing foot with guide.



Row 1 and 3:

Sew a HST Unit to each side of a Background Fabric sq.  Look at placement of HST Unit in pictured block image.
Press towards Background Fabric sq. Make 2.

Row 2:

Sew a Background Fabric square to each side of #1 Fabric square. Press towards Background Fabric Squares.

 Layout rows as pictured in block image. Sew rows together matching seams of pieced blocks.
Press rows towards center row keeping pieced triangles flat.

Block 2:  March 19, 2020 

Cut out pieces according to BCE Instruction.

4-Patch Unit:

Sew (1) Background Fabric and (1) #1 Fabric strip (RST) down long side of strip. Press toward #1 Fabric. Sub-cut sewn strips into rectangles. 
Repeat with Background Fabric and #4 Fabric strips.
Sew a Background Fabric/#1 Fabric rectangle to a Background Fabric/#4 Fabric rectangle together (matching center seam) to make 4 Patch Unit.


QST Unit:

Place (1) Background Fabric QST and (1) #3 Fabric QST right sides together (RST). With background fabric on top sew down right side of triangle.

Press toward #3 Fabric.   

Note: To ensure placement of triangle in block - make sure background fabric triangle is on to.

Sew (1) QST unit to (1) #2 Fabric HST piece.  Press toward #2 Fabric HST.




Assembly Instruction for 1 Block: 


Row 1 and 3:   (Look at Pictured image for unit orientation in the block. The background fabric of the QST Unit should be on the outside of block.)


Sew (1) 4-Patch Unit to each side of QST Unit. Press toward outside 4-Patch Units.


Row 2:


Sew (1) QST Unit to each side of a #1 Fabric square.  Press toward center square.
Layout rows as pictured in block image. Sew rows together matching seams of pieced blocks.

Press toward Row 1 and 3.


Center Quilt Assembly:


Utilizing 5 of Block 1 and 4 of Block 2 layout center of quilt into a 9 patch. Sew Row 1 and 3. Press seams toward block 1.  Sew Row 2 blocks together, press towards center block 1. Sew rows together pressing away from center row



Block 3:  TBD - April 16, 2020 

Tip: This block is made entirely of triangles. Some of the triangles will have exposed bias edges. As the bias has the most stretch you must handle with care and is recommended to use a dry iron during construction (no steam).   

Cut all pieces according to pattern instructions in the Benton County Enterprise Newspaper. 

HST Unit: 


Draw a line diagonally from corner to corner on each Background Fabric  square.


Place (1) Background Fabric square (RST) with each #Fabric square. Sew ¼” away on each


side of the drawn line. Cut on the line to make (2) HST Units. Press away from background fabric.


There will be (1) HST Unit in each fabric color per block.




Half QST Unit:


Place (1) Background Fabric QST piece on top (RST) with (1) #Fabric QST piece. With background fabric


 on top, sew down right side of triangle. Press away from  background fabric.  There will be (1) Half


QST Unit in each fabric color per block.  Make 8 total for 8 blocks.



Layout block with your sewn units and remaining cut pieces as shown in block image to ensure proper color placement and orientation of the units/pieces. Sew the appropriate #fabric to the Half QST Unit. Press towards large triangle. Place pieced unit back into the layout.


Center Square.
Take one of each #fabrics  Quarter Square Triangles and sew together to make 
Center Square. (hourglass block) Place back in block layout.

Ensuring your pieced units are in appropriate placement, sew together rows 1 and 3. Press toward outside HST units.  Sew row 2 units and press toward center square.  Matching seams, sew rows 1, 2 and 3 together to complete block.  Make 8.


Block 4:  May 21, 2020 

Tip: Pressing seams away from the Triangle pieces keeps blocks flatter creating less bulk where seams come together.
Note: To make the "Pointy Star Block Pieces" you may get better accuracy using a Creative Grids Strippy Star Tool or by Paper Piecing. 
You may purchase a Strippy Star Tool Here:  CGR Strippy Star  or Go to Free Patterns for a PDF for Paper Piecing  V-Block Foundation Paper Pattern  .     

Cut pieces according to BCE Instruction.

Assembly Instruction for 1 Block:  (Make 8 Blocks)

 4-Patch Unit: 

Sew (1) Background Fabric and (1) #1 Fabric strips (RST) down long side of strip.Press toward #1 Fabric. Sub-cut sewn strips into rectangles. Make 16.  Repeat with Background Fabric and #4 Fabric.

Sew a Background Fabric/#1 Fabric rectangle to a Background Fabric/#4 Fabric rectangle together (matching center seam) to make a 4-Patch Unit. 
Make 16.

Center 4-Patch Unit:

Sew (1) #3 Fabric and (1) #1 Fabric strips together down the length. Press to one side. Sub-cut into rectangles. Make 16. Sew 2 together matching seams. Make 

V-Block Unit:

Make sure to use a “SCANT” 1/4” seams when piecing to be able to cut down to correct size.
Fold Background Fabric in half and finger press to find center of block.
Cut from top center point to bottom corner on each side to make a triangle. Repeat to make 32 triangles. 


Place a #2 Fabric triangle on each side of the Background Fabric triangle. Press toward #2 Fabric.(Using mirror images from #2 Fabrics – see block image for placement).   Make 32.

Note: Overlap when placing the Smaller outside triangles to the large triangle.  This will feel wierd as the pieces do not match perfectly.


Square up your V- block to the size indicated in the BCE Pattern.  Make sure to look at your point and leave room for your 1/4" seam allowance




Assembly (1 Block)

Layout block as shown in block image ensuring V-Block Units and 4-Patch Units are in the correct position.
For each row press away from the V-Block Units. Match seams while assembling rows.


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