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Town Square - Quilt Along 2019

This is our second "Quilt-Along" and we are so very excited to introduce "Town Square" with partnership of the Benton county Enterprise (BCE). The 3rd week of each month BCE will publish a block in the newspaper with cutting and assembly instruction. We will provide more detail with pictures for assembly process here to help assist you. If you are not already a BCE subscriber you can subscribe at the link below to not only receive the block information but also learn about all the "happenings" in Benton County, Missouri.  you can subscribe annually or you may also print just that day's paper for just $2 to get the block pattern for that month. We will list the dates on our website here.
Link for Benton County Enterprise below:
This is a 3 "Value" quilt and works well with just 3 fabrics in Light, Medium and Dark values.Our photos are all in "Grey-Scale" to help with placement of value.  This quilt works well with tonals or small prints that read as a solid.  If you are going to use a primary focus fabric - this placement would be best in the Medium value range for placement. This is a 7 month Quilt-Along making a quilt apx 88" x 88".   The "Quilt Along" will be listed below each month for assembly instruction but remember - the pattern must be purchased by BCE. 
click below for registration. 
 Town Square Quilt Along Registration

Quilt Along Instruction:    

 This is for assembly only - pattern with fabric requirements and cutting instruction is provided by the Benton County Enterprise.

I am showing fabrics that I used (wovens) to show a different view of fabric choices vs. regular cotton prints. My dark is the blue, while the brown is the medium and then tan for the light color values.  To get inspiration and to share your successes - join our facebook group.
Go to City's Edge Studio facebook and ask to join the BCE Sew Along Group. You will be able to comment and post pictures of your sew along.  

Block 1:  April 20, 2019  (Make 1 Blocks)

Tip:   When cutting pieces – Be sure to mark pieces with fabric value and piece lettering to be sure to place in correct position during block construction.  Ex. DA should be marked on all Dark


Row 1 and 3: 

Corner Blocks. Row 1 and 3
A/C/D/ Unit: (Makes 4) 
Place (L) HST right sides together with (D) sq. Sew and press towards (L) triangle. Repeat on adjacent side of (D) sq.


Tip:  Place the triangle into the corner of the square. The triangle will hang off the square.

Place an (D) HST right sides together with a L/D unit. Press towards large (D) triangle.   Square block to size.
If you have a 45 degree angle on your ruler this will help to line up the size and center of the block.

Flying Geese Unit (A/B Unit): (Make 4)
Two of the units will be used in Row 1 and 3. Two of the units will be reserved for row 2. 
Place a (M) HST right sides together with a (D) QST. Sew.   (see illustration with note).
Press towards (M) HST. Repeat with 2nd (M) HST on opposite side of (D) QST. Sew units together as shown to make Rows 1 and 3. Press towards corner block units.

Note:  fold the two triangles in half on the sewing line to line up.  Note that the bottom edges (Not the sewing line) will line up.
Finished rows 1 and 3.

Row 2: 
D/E/F Unit: (Make 1) 
Place a (D) sq. right sides together on each end of a (L) Rectangle. Sew. Press towards (D) sq. (Make 2 units).

Place a (L) Rectangle right sides together on each side of (D) Square. Sew. Press towards Center  (D) Sq. Sew 

Sew rows together to create center square as shown.  Note the seams are pressed in opposite directions. "Marry" the seams togheter with Right Sides Together and pin.  Sew.  (Don't forget to remove pins before sewing over the seaw for safety.)

Sew a Flying Geese Unit to each side of center square unit.  (Flying Geese units made from row 1 and 3)
Press seams toward center square unit.

Block Assembly: 
Sew Rows 1, 2, and 3 together.  Seams from each row should be in opposite directions allowing you to "Marry" the seams, pin and sew.  (Don't forget to remove pins before sewing seams for safety.)   Square block to size according to directions in BCE.

Block 2:  May 16, 2019,  Make 8 blocks
Assembly instruction is for one block.
Tip:   Press towards square pieces in each row to assist with seams joining in line with one another.



HST Unit (Make 4):

 Place a medium HST right sides together with a light  HST. Sew. Press towards medium triangle.

Square your triangle units using the 45 degree line on your ruler to the appropriate size as indicated in the pattern 


Layout your block as shown to help keep pieces from turning during the construction process.  Take note of Half Square Triangle placements and direction.

Row 1 and 3: 

Place a light square right sides together (on right side) of a HST unit.  Press towards light sq.

Place a dark square right sides together (on left side) of the HST unit. Press towards dark sq.
(Make 2)  and turn one of them for the bottom of the block as shown above in layout.

Row 2:


Place a HST unit right sides together on each end of a dark Sq. Sew.  Press


towards dark sq.   (Note: light triangles should be next to dark sq.

Assemble Block: 
Sew Rows 1, 2, and 3 together as shown to create block.  You will need a total of 8 blocks.

Block 3 and Center Medallion Assembly: June 20, 2019

Assembly instruction is for one block.

Note: You will need block 1 and we will be using 4 of the 8 blocks created from Block 2.  Reserve the other 4 blocks for later construction.  

Block 3:

Strip Blocks: (Make 4)


Place 1 (D) and 1 (L) Strip right sides together. Sew length of strips. Sub-cut into two 12 1/2" x 18 1/2  
 Repeat to make 4 Strip Block Units.  See Tip Below.

Tip:   When sub-cutting strip units line up ruler with a pieced line on the block and then subcut. This helps to keep the center lines straight.   Picture show ruler on sewn line - you could also use the center line of strip piece from the front.


Center Medallion Assembly
Row 1 & 3:


Sew 1 (Block 2) to each end of a Strip Block. Note placement and angle of blocks.


Press seams towards Strip Block.  (Make 2).  See Tip Below.

Tip:  To keep points sharp during construction, place the pieced block on top of the strip block so that the seams and intersections show on the pieced block. Sew a scant into the seam allowance of the pieced block allowing the point of the triangles to show completely.  See pic.



Row 2:


Sew 1 (Strip Block) to each side of (Block 1) Center Square.  Note placement of strip blocks.

Press Seams towards Strip Block.

Row 2:


Sew 1 (Strip Block) to each side of (Block 1) Center Square.  Note placement of strip blocks.
Press Seams towards Strip Block.

Sew Rows together.  Finished Quilt Center should measure 42 ½” (Unfinished).


Block 4: July 18, 2019 

Assembly instruction for one block.  Make 8


Cut out pieces according to Benton County Paper instruction.

HST Unit (Make 2):


Place a Light HST right sides together with a Medium HST. Sew. Press towards Medium triangle.

Tip:  When placing HST units together. Match up the right angle of each triangle. The long diagonal line where you sew may not match up evenly.  This is ok. Variances will be in the seam allowance.


Layout squares and HST units to form block.

Row 1 and 3: 


D/L/HST Unit: (Make 2)  


Place a Dark SQ right sides together with Light SQ. Sew. Press towards (LB) sq.


Place a HST Unit right sides together with Light SQ. Press towards HST Unit. Press towards Light  sq.


Row 2:


LB/ DA /LB Unit: (Make 1)


Place a Light SQ on each side of Dark SQ. Sew.  Press towards Light Square.  

Layout block and sew rows 1, 2 and 3 together to form finished block unit.

Make 8 Blocks.

Block 5 Unit: August 15, 2019

Make 4 pieced units total.  Assembly is for 1 unit.

Cut out pieces according to instructions in Benton County Enterprise Newspaper.

M/Block 4 Unit (Make 2):
Note: Make sure to watch direction of pieced blocks when sewing rectable units to block 4


Sew at (M) rectangle to a pieced block 4. Press towards the Rectangle.

M/D Unit  (Make 2)

Place a (M)  rectangle right sides together with a (D) Square. Sew.
Press toward (M) rectangle. 

M/Block 4 Unit. (Make 2)


Place a (M/Block 4 unit) right sides together with a M/D Unit. Press toward M/D Unit. (Make 2)


Block 5 Unit Assembly:  (Make 4)


Place a (M/Block 4 unit) right sides together with a (M rectangle). Sew and press toward

(M rectangle).  Place a second block on opposite side of (M rectangle) to complete the   Repeat on opposite side of (M Rectangle) to complete the assembled Block 5 unit..

Block 6 Unit and Center Assembly:   September 19, 2019

D/M Unit (Make 4):
Place a (D) SQ. right sides together with a (M) Rectangle. Sew and press towards (M) rectangle.

M/Block 2 unit (Make 4)

Place a (M) Rectangle to Left Side of Block 2. (Note orientation of Block 2).
Place D/M Unit right sides together to the top of M/Block 2 Unit. Line up seams. Sew and press away
from Block 2.


Assemble Town Square Quilt Center.
Rows 1 and 3:
Place and sew a Block 6 to each end of Block 5 unit. Note orientation of blocks when placing. (Make 2)

Row 2:
Place and Sew a Block 5 Unit to each side of Quilt Center. Note orientation of Block 5 unit when
placing and sewing to center. (Make 1)



Center Assembly: Place and Sew Rows together aligning seams.

Block 7 Border construction and assembly:   October 17, 2019

Border Set Assembly:
Sew 8 Strip Sets as shown in Dark/Light combination, Use the WOF to sew strips. Do not trim.

Sew a DB rectangle to the end of one strip set. Press towards dark rectangle.
Repeat on opposite side of DB rectangle. Ensure strip sets are in same direction Dark  near top/Light at bottom.

Sew Border Set to Top and Bottom of Quilt. Line seams of DB with center of quilt and block to right side of Center Pieced quilt section as illustrated in Whole Quilt Layout. Pin in place and then pin border down the side of quilt. Sew and press toward border . Trim ends of strip sets even with quilt.

Make sure to line up the dark rectangle to the same side of the center strip on each side of the quilt.

Trim ends of strip sets even with quilt.

Repeat process with Left and Right sides.

Note: When pinning borders to quilt be careful not to stretch the pieced quilt top to fit the borders. (We want the borders to lay flat.) Sew a Border Set Assembly to each side of quilt. See Tip: Trim Border to fit quilt.

Congratulations - You have just finished your Town Square Quilt.
Join our Facebook group at the BCE Sew Along to be the first to know about 2020.
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