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Living at the Lake - Quilt Along 2021

This is our fourth "Quilt-Along" and we are so very excited to introduce "Living at the Lake" with partnership of the Benton county Enterprise (BCE). The 3rd week of each month BCE will publish a block in the newspaper with cutting and assembly instruction. We will provide more detail with pictures for assembly process here to help assist you. If you are not already a BCE subscriber you can subscribe at the link below to not only receive the block information but also learn about all the "happenings" in Benton County, Missouri.  You can subscribe annually or you may also print just that day's paper for just $2 to get the block pattern for that month. We will list the dates on our website here.

Fabric Kits will be available in Batik  Cottons or Quilting Cottons.  TBD - Check back here or check for Living at the Lake.
Link for Benton County Enterprise below:
It’s another great year for quilting success as we celebrate our new quilt: "Living at the Lake".
When we look up at the stars, walk through beautiful wooded areas, and enjoy lots of sunshine while we are boating and fishing; life is good!
I am “SEW” excited to be asked to return for another “Sewing with Amy” for the Benton County Enterprise newspaper. Be on the lookout the third Thursday each month for additional rows starting in February.
This year it’s a ROW Quilt. But really, aren’t most quilts constructed from blocks and then rows? Yes, they are!
What makes a row quilt unique is that it often repeats a block or group of blocks in a single row with each row being different. If you have a small sewing group, this is a great quilt to share in a “round-robin” style - friendship quilt. Gather a group of friends and each month you trade quilts so each friend can add a row to your quilt. You can select all the fabrics for your group to use or you could provide a focus fabric and inform your group of your color choices and let them be cre-ative with each row to create a truly unique quilt made by your friends.  Apx size is 60" x 78"  or add borders to make it 72" x 90".

You may also join our FACEBOOK Group for added fun. See what others are doing and provide us your show and tell as you build out your quilt for a chance to win a monthly drawing.  Come Play with us by joining the BCE Sew Along Group BCE Sew Along 2020.  Ask to join today.
Living at the Lake - Sew Along

Quilt Along Instruction:    

 This is for assembly only - pattern with fabric requirements and cutting instruction is provided by the Benton County Enterprise or you may register here for monthly pattern: Living at the Lake Registration.

Tip:  Create a Color Key to ensure placements of your fabrics #1 - #4. 
Tip:  Pattern is written for Row Construction 1 at a time, however fabric requirements are for the entire quilt. When Cutting WOF - you may not use the whole piece in the block construction. Hold all extra fabric pieces until entire project is complete.

Corrections:  Yardage for added borders s/b 1 5/8.  Not 2 yds.

Cut out pieces as indicated in the Benton County Enterprise Paper.

Row 1:  Stars and Friendship

Tip: When sewing multiple long strips together. Sew two strips together and then add the third strip sewing from the opposite end. Sewing in opposite directions each time you add a strip will help to keep your strip sets even.

Assembly Instruction:

9-Patch Unit: 

Using (3) MB strips (2 strips x WOF + 2 strips 12” each cut off 3rd strip) and (2) LB strips (1 Strip x  WOF + 12” strip cut off 2nd strip. )   Sew (1) LB  strip  and (1)  MB  strips (RST) down long side of strip.  Repeat with 2nd MB  strip on other side of LB strip. Press outward toward MB. Creating a 3-piece strip set (MB/LB/MB) strip. Sub-cut strip set to   Make (16) MB/LB/MB sets. Repeat with 12” strips to make an additional (4) MB/LB/MB) sets (20 sets total). Press toward MB.

Using remaining LB Strip + 1 additional LB strip and 1 Purp Strip. Repeat steps above to make LB/Purp/LBstrip set and sub-cut to make (10 sets total). Press toward center sq. (purp). With right sides together matching seams, sew one MB/LB/MB set to a LB/Purp/LB set.

Sew an additional MB/LB/MB set to the other side of LB/Purp/LB set so that the purple square  is in the middle of you Patch Unit.   Make a total of (10) 9 Patch units.

Friendship Star Unit:

Note: Look at picture of star block to place RO HST pieces and half block placement.

Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on each LB.  Place (1) RO   (1) LB  Sew 1/4"  on each side of the drawn line. Cut on drawn line to make (2) LB/RO HST units. Press towards the LB.  Make 40 LB/RO HST units. 

Sew (1) LB sq to each side of (20) LB/RO HST units to make rows #1 and #3 of Friendship Star Block. Press toward LB sq. Ensure HST unit is placed in correct position and direction.

Sew (1) LB/RO HST unit to each side of a Y sq to make row #2.  Press toward Y sq. Ensure HST squares are placed in correct direction.

With RST and matching seams, Sew rows 1, 2 and 3 together.   Y sq will be in middle of Friendship Star Block. Measures 6 ½” sq.  Make (10) Friendship Star units. 

Sew (1) 9-patch unit to (1) Friendship Star unit to make Half Block Unit.  Sew (2) Half Block Units together to complete block to measure 12 ½” unfinished square. 

Sew (5) blocks together to complete row.  
Row measures 60 1/2" x 12 1/2"

Row 2 - Living in the woods - March 18, 2021

Cut out pieces according to the insdtructions in Benton County Enterprise Paper.


Fold  GR Fabric in half..  Crease fold line. Open back up and on back side of fabric, draw a line diagonally from center fold to bottom right corner and from center fold to bottom left corner. 


Place a LB Fabric sq RST on GR rectangle lining up to left side of rectangle. Sew ¼” on the inside of the triangle from drawn line. Trim off excess forming a ¼” seam. Open and press toward LB.

Repeat on right side.


Keeping a ¼” seam at top of triangle point and centering triangle point.  (Tip: Trim sides first keeping top point centered, then trim from top down keeping your 1/4 from point.  Trim block to size.  Make 8.


Sew (2) triangle units together to make tree tops.  Make 4.

With (2) LB rectangles and (1)  BR rectangle sew a strip set of LB/BR/LB. Press seams toward center BR fabric. Make 4.

 Sew tree trunk to tree top. Press seam toward tree top. Completed block measures Make 4.




Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on each Y  sq. Place (1) Y sq.RST on (1) LB sq.Sew ¼” on each side o fthe drawn line.

Cut on drawn line to make

(2) Y/LB HST units.  Press toward the LB. .Make (6) Y/LB HST units.

Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on each Y/LB HST unit crossing the joining seam.

Place (1) Y/LB HST unit RST on left side of (1) BR  rectangle. Seam of Y/LB HST unit should be placed in upper corner. Sew on drawn line. Trim to ¼” seam. Press away from roof.

Repeat on right side to make a finished roof top unit.  Make 3.

Place (1)  rectangle RST on (1) Purp sq. Sew to make window unit. Press toward Purp Make 3.


Sew in order:
(1) Purp sq., (1) R/O  rectangle, (1) Purp rectangle, (1) window unit, and  (1) Purp rectangle. Press toward purple rectangles.
Creates 1 Door/Window unit measures Make 3.


Place (1) Purp strip RST at top of Door/Window unit. Sew. Place (1) Purp  strip RST at bottom of Door/Window Unit. Sew. Press toward Purp strips. 

 Sew (1) Door/Window unit to (1) Rooftop Unit. Pres toward Purp strip.

Sew a Tree Block to left side of finished house block. Sew a Tree Block to the right side of (1) House Block.



Assemble row by sewing (2) Tree/House blocks together. Sew the last Tree/House/Tree block at end of row.




Build the quilt:  Sew Row 1 – “Stars and Friendship” to the top of Row 2 – “A Home In The Woods”.

Row 3 - Sunshine

 Cut out pieces according to the insdtructions in Benton County Enterprise Paper.

Tip:  If you don’t want to use fusible during applique process – startch (best press) fabrics well to stiffen a bit.


Get our free downloadable template for your applique circles or for piecing your Drunkards Path blocks.  Free - Drunkards Path Template w/Instructions - Click here.

Note: We will refer to the circle portion of your block as the “pie”.  And the square portion of your block as the “crust”.

First: Let's crerate our "pie" pieces.  If piecing - use the instructions included with downloadable template. If using the template to create your applique then print template and cut off the arc seam allowance of the (A - Pie) piece.  Should look like this.  

Then trace it onto wax paper and cut out. This allows you to iron onto fabric so it does not shift as you cut it out and you can use the same piece multiple times.  
To create circle for pie pieces. Fold "pie" fabric pieces in half twice.  Then iron your pie template to the folded fabric.  Make sure the point of the pie is on the folded edges. Trim the arc.  Open up to reveal circle.



Fold background (crust) square in half twice to find center of sq. Place circle (pie) piece right side up on background piece. Line up the folded lines both horizonally and vertically. 
Applique the circle (pie) piece to the background (crust) piece.

Once sewn, sub-cut into 4 drunkards path blocks to size as indicated in the newspaper instructions.

There are two instructions for trimming. The 4 drunkard's path - pie pieces in the center circle have a smaller crust and should be trimmed starting with the (A) template pie section. We will call this Large Pie.

The outer drunkard's path blocks that create the rays have larger crust pieces and should be trimmed from the (B) template crust section. We will call this Small Pie.

Row 1 and 4: Sew a background square to 2 Small Pie Blocks as shown.  Make 2.

Row 2 and 3: Sew a Small Pie block to 2 Large Pie blocks as shown.

Sew rows together as shown: 

Row 4 - Flying Geese

Cut out pieces according to instructions in the Benton County Enterprise Paper.

Flying Geese Unit 


Draw a line diagonally from corner to corner on each LB Fabric Sq.


Place one LB Fabric square RST onto a  rectangle with drawn line placed on bottom left of rectangle moving toward the center top of rectangle. Sew on drawn line. Trim to 1/4" seam. Press seam toward outside LB Fabric triangle.  


Place second LB Fabric square RST onto the same rectangle with drawn line placed on bottom right moving up toward center top of rectangle.  Sew on drawn line. Trim to 1/4" seam.  Press seam toward outside LB Fabric triangle.  Trim unit to specified size. Repeat with each Square and Rectangle (all Colors).

Flying Geese Block 1:


In order sew 6 Flying Geese units together: Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Blue, and Green.


Sew a LB Fabric strip to the top and bottom of sewing Flying Geese. 


Make (3)  Flying Geese Blocks 1.  rim to size


Flying Geese Block 2:


In order sew 6 Flying Geese units together: Purple, Red, Blue, Green, Purple, and Red.


Sew a LB Fabric (1) strip to the top and bottom of sewing Flying Geese. 


Make (2) Flying Geese Blocks 1. Trim to size.

Row Assembly:


Sew in order end to end.


Block 1, Block 2, Block 1, Block 2, Block 1. 

Row 5 - Boats and Waves -  June 17 2021

Assembly Preperation:
Make HST Units: 

LB/Y HST Units:  Make 8.  Use (4) LB Fabric sq. and (4) Y Fabric sq.


Place a LB Fabric sq. RST on a Y Fabric sq. Sew 1/4" on each side of drawn line.  Cut on drawn line. Press toward LB Fabric. Trim according to instructions. .


 DB/RO HST Unit:  Make 4.  Use (2) DB Fabric sq. and (2) RO Fabric sq. Repeat steps in LB/Y HST Units.


DB/LB HST Unit:  Make 32.  Use (16) DB Fabric sq.  and (16) LB Fabric sq.. Repeat steps in LB/Y HST units.


DB/MB HST Unit: Make 40.  Use (20) DB Fabric sq. and (20) MB Fabric sq. Repeat steps in LB/Y HST units.


DB/LB HST Flying Geese Units:  Make 16
. Each units.

Using (2) DB/LB HST Units. Sew together along the LB Fabric to make (1) DB/LB HST Flying Geese Unit so that the LB makes the Goose and the DB makes the sky.     




DB/MB HST Flying Geese Units:  Make 20.

Using (2) DB/MB HST Units. Sew together along the DB Fabric to make (1) DB/MB HST

Flying Geese Unit so that the DB makes the Goose and the MB makes the sky.

(16) units will be used for Chevron Blocks.  Reserve (4) DB/MB HSGT Flying Geese units for Block 2.





Chevron Unit: Make 16.

Sew a DB/LB HST Flying Geese Unit to top of DB/MB HST Flying Geese Unit. Look at picture for placement. Both geese should be pointing in the same direction. Reserve (12) Chevron units for Block 1 – Waves and (4) Chevron units for block 2-Boats.

Block 1 – Waves:  Make 3


 Sew 2 Chevron units together side by side.. Make 8. reserve 2 units for Block 2 Boats.


Sew two units together with MB fabric in the center.   


  Sew Sky rectangle to top to complete block. Press all row seams down toward bottom of block.

Block 2 – Boats:  Make 2.


Sails: Make 4.  Sew together in order:  LB  sq. LB/Y HST unit, LB/Y HST unit, & LB   sq. 


Boat: Make 2.  Sew together in order: DB/RO HST unit, RO sq., RO sq, & DB/RO HST unit.


Waves 1: Make 2.  Using the (4) reserved DB/MB HST Flying Geese Units. Sew(2) together.



Waves 2: Make 2. Sew (2) Chevron blocks together, making sure the geese are pointed in the same direction.

Sew rows in-order to complete block. 
Sails, Sails, Boat, Waves  (DB Goose pointed downward), Waves 2 (DB and LB Geese pointed upward). 

Row Assembly:


Sew in order: Block 1, Block 2, Block 1, Block 2, Block 1..  Sew to bottom of row 4.

Row 6 - Fish and Bubbles -  July 15 2021

Cut out pieces according to Benton County Enterprise instructions.

Assembly Instruction:


 Fish Block


 Square-in-Square unit:


Sew in order, to create strip set:  G Fabric  strip, R/O Fabric  strip, G Fabric strip, R/O Fabric strip. Sub-cut strip set into  squares. 




Take Square ruler placing the 45 degree line on the center line of block (seam between G Fabric and R/O Fabric)– to square up on point.  Repeat with each strip set.

Fold each block in half and crease – repeat on opposite sides to find the center of each block side.  Using the LB Fabric  HST pieces, fold each in half and crease to find center. 

Match crease in HST unit to that on block. Sew one HST piece to opposite sides of block, press open toward HST, careful not to remove the creases on the opposite sides. Repeat to add remaining (2) HST pieces to complete your Square-in-Square unit. 

Sew a LB Fabric strip to Square-In-Square unit. (Note: attach to end with small green triangle)

Fish Tail - Flying Geese Unit:

Place LB Fabric square. RST on G Fabric  rectangle. Sew on drawn line. Trim and press  toward LB Fabric.  Place a 2nd LB Fabric  square RST on opposite end of rectangle and sew on
  drawn line. Trim and press toward LB Fabric.  Make (5) Flying Geese Units.  

Sew a LB Fabric rectangle to flying geese unit. 

Sew Square-in-Square unit and Fish Tail-Flying Geese Unit together to complete Fish Block. Makes 5 blocks.



Using your favorite applique method (we used raw edge applique method), sew one of each color


circle to the LB Fabric  rectangle. Once applique is completed, trim to measurement provided. 

Sew 1 to bottom of each Fish Block (note: when sewing bubbles to bottom of fish blocks all fish are pointed in the same direction.  Blocks will be flipped for placement in row.)


Row Assembly:


Use 5 blocks to complete row.  Turn blocks so fish and bubbles alternate making one row of fish swimming to the left and one row of fish swimming to the right.

Row 7 - Pinwheels and Optional Border:  August  19, 2021

Cut out pieces according to Benton County Enterprise instructions.

Block Assembly Instruction:




Place Color Fabric QST piece Right Sides Together (RST) on a DB Fabric QST with Color Fabric on top and point of triangle facing upward. Sew down right side of triangle. Press toward DB Fabric triangle. Makes (1) QST unit.  

Place a MB Fabric HST piece RST on QST unit. Sew on long edge of triangle. Press toward MB Fabric HST. Trim to  square according to instruction in paper. You will need 4 of these to make one pinwheel block.




Sew (2)  squares with dark on outside and color on inside (see picture), Press toward color triangle piece. (Make 2). Arrange the (2) halves so that they make a color pinwheel with dark on outside, sew together to make (1)  pinwheel. 


Make 3 Purple, 3 Red/Orange, 2 Green, and 2 Yellow.

Row Assembly


Sew Pinwheel blocks together in following order.  P, R/O, G, Y, repeat until blocks complete row should end with R/O Pinwheel block.


Sew to bottom of row 6.




Optional Border:

Sew (1) 6 1/2" x WOF strip to (1) 6 1/2" x 22” piece of background fabric strips together. (Make4).

Measure both sides of Quilt Center. Take the two numbers and divide by 2. Cut (2) border strips to

this length and sew to sides of Quilt Center.  Measure top and bottom of Quilt Center with added side

borders. Take the two numbers and divide by 2. Cut (2) border strips to this length and sew to top and

bottom of quilt.


Quilt, Bind, and Enjoy!




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