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January 16, 2018

Well I guess I got a bit excited with the announcement and my math skills were a bit questioning.  I apologize for that and thank everyone who read my email and provided feedback.

Our Benton County Enterprise Block of the Month must be purchased through the local newspaper at the link I provided.  If you don't currently have a subscription, you can pick up the paper locally for just $0.75.  If you want just the paper for the day of the blocks, say you missed one of the papers or you live out of town and want to participate,  you can go to Benton County Enterprise and down load a single paper for just $2.  This equates to $24 for the Block of the Month Program.

For my out of the area customers only, you can use your own fabrics and purchase the block of the month patterns through the Benton County Enterprise for $2 each or get a subscription, or you can participate in our Fabric Kits each month. Since you will be unable to participate in the future reduced fees by bringing your completed blocks by the store - I am able to add the pattern to those kits only without a fee.

This program was developed specifically for the Benton County Enterprise and we hope for your understanding in support of our local "print" industry in the land of cyber downloads.
Thank you for your understanding and support.

Let us help you get creative!!


Happy Quilting!  - Amy
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