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January 15, 2017

Somehow I feel like I am back in school. "Snow Day" for everyone! "Sew Day" for Everyone!
Our store will be closed today due to excessive snow/ice in parking lot. The little bit of melting we had yesterday made an ice rink in front of the door - of all places.

Putting that aside, I have some exciting news to share with everyone. We have partnered with the Benton County Enterprise to share with you a Block of the Month program which will come out the 3rd week of each month.  They will be introducing the Quilt with Fabric requirements this week
"Blue Skies". 
How appropriate to introduce this on a day we are snowbound and dreaming of the Blue Skies of Spring.
Unfortunately, I cannot share with you the quilt layout until they announce it so don't miss this week's paper.  If you don't live in the area but want to participate you can get a subscription of the paper and not only get the block but all the wonderful happenings in Benton County OR You can download the paper for just the 3rd week of every month and get the pattern for just $2.  Since it is a 12 month program - cost would be just $12 for the full pattern. 
Here's their link:

Benton Count Enterprise - Subscription

So I can't show you the quilt but I can show you these beautiful fabrics we have put together in a kit. Registration is just $5 if you register before the first block is released, then will go to $10. In addition, each block(s) kit is $10.  UNLESS....  You complete your blocks and bring them to City's Edge before the next block is released. In that case, you will receive the new block(s) for the following month for just $5 (50% off). You don't have to bring it on a particular day - you have a full month to complete it and bring it in. Would you rather have all your fabrics up front, purchases the whole fabric kit and receive 10% off your order in-store- OR receive Free Shipping.

Blue Skies Fabric Kit Registration  - Click here

Do you need a little help to complete your blocks?  We have open sew Every Tuesday morning at 10am starting in February. Join others in pursuit of Blue Skies (or you could bring any project you are working on). Can't make it to a Tuesday morning "Sew-in"?  I have put together a "Quilt-Along" on our website providing step by step instruction for assembly. You will still need your pattern for cutting your pieces.

Use your scraps or join our Exclusive Block of the Month Program using Blues that make you think of sunshine and summer - Blue Skies ahead!


Happy Quilting!  - Amy
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