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City's Edge Studio News -Change Your Needle Tuesday!

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September 26, 2017  
Change Your Needle Tuesday!

So, you may be wondering what that "Subject Line" is all about!  Seems there have been discussions lately among many of you regarding sewing machine needles.  What type of needle should I use?  How often should I change it? Is it the needle? or Is it the thread?   

We recently took a pole in a class and asked the question - "When was the last time you changed your needle?" It was both funny and sad for all of us in the room. From, "UMMMM.... can't remember to when I bought the machine?"  What???  I know when you bought that machine and you are here every week sewing - sometimes twice a week!  The rule of thumb is every 8 hours of sewing - so, unless your Nancy, who sits down at 8 and stops at 5, you are probably talking a needle a week or two.  No matter what brand you buy, for a basic sewing needle you are looking at less than $30 to change your needle every week.  it's just not as sexy as a new Ruler or Bundle of Fat Quarters.

The needle is the one single thing you can do as a machine owner to enhance the quality of your stitches and projects and to protect your machine. Outside of the stitch quality, a bent needle can damage bobbin cases, hook or race, and a dull needle can ruin quality fabrics, or going through heavy fabrics or multiple seams can put added stress on your machine. Having the right size and type of needle for your thread size/type and project is important to ensure quality and success!  If you are experience skipped stitches (sewing  along fine then skips a few and then sewing along fine) this is usually due to your needle, change your needle!  If you are hearing popping or seeing little white pulls in your material - change your needle!

I'm not an expert but based on all these discussions I decided to do a little research and share some information with you. There are many needle manufacturers out there, but there seems to be 3 that are the most commonly brought up, at least in our area:  1) Schmetz, 2) Organ, and 3) Whatever the brand your sewing machine is (Bernina uses Bernina Needles, Janome uses Janome Needles, Singer uses Singer needles, etc).  The tricky part is that your machine brand - Bernina, Janome, Singer - They are NOT needle manufacturers.  Schmetz is a European Company and works well with most European machines.  Organ is a Japanese Company and works well with Japanese made machines - ie, Janome.  As a matter of fact Janome's needles are manufactured by Organ Needle Co., LTD.  That being said, it doesn't mean that your machine manufacturer didn't work with a needle manufacturer to create a needle to provide optimum performance for a particular machine.  Schmetz and Organ do have slight differences in sizes or eye shapes, etc. That could mean using the wrong needle could result in your needle threader not working correctly or the hook assembly not catching the  thread at the right time - creating skipped stitches - and again - poor quality.  
If all else fails - check your sewing machine instruction manual!

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Saturday Sept 30.  10am      Limited Space available - please sign up in advance.
Never thought of yourself as a repair man?  Nancy Troyer will have you cleaning and lubricating your machine  with expertise like an expert . She will share with you details of your machine and share with you the oiling routine, cleaning the bobbin area, checking working parts, how to rid your machine of that "Vintage" odor, polishing and care of the sewing machine itself and the case.  This is a must have class for all Featherweight Machine Owners.  Full Supply list for class is on line.

Next Week begins October Thursdays - Geese in the Cabins.  Multi-session: $20

Saturday/Sunday - 2 Day workshop October 7/8.
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Signs of Autumn - 2 Day workshop

Happy Quilting!  - Amy

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